My two new worlds

I have been studying English since 9-th class of the school… oh, sorry. Sooner. In the earlier childhood, before the school, I had been visiting the courses in the House of Pioneers, for about year or more. But in the middle school I chose German, because my father knew it …


Lorca by Cardone

The song “Hasta siempre” about Che Guevara in the version of Nathalie Cardone (oh, that great YouTube clip!) has been popular in our politicized part of blogosphere since the beginning of times — equally on both sides, pro- and contra-Putin’s. Many years ago, not knowing Spanish almost at all, I …



Eso es mi primero texto en Español aquí )) Y el primero libro también. Posible poco extraño, sin embargo, ya lo he utilizado por mí Facebook texto para las reformas económicas en Rusia. Eso es la colección de obras para trabajar la Santeria.    Me gusta la concepción. Todo lo que necesito …