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Чадаев.ру — блог о книгах и книжечках


Eso es mi primero texto en Español aquí )) Y el primero libro también. Posible poco extraño, sin embargo, ya lo he utilizado por mí Facebook texto para las reformas económicas en Rusia. Eso es la colección de obras para trabajar la Santeria.    Me gusta la concepción. Todo lo que necesito …


Passive and active vocabulary

Another note about my language studies. I’ve realized it when studying Spanish. My basic motivation in languages is to become able to read books written in it as soon as possible, and that’s why I’m enriching my passive vocabulary as fast as I can. But there is a trap. Big …



I’ve changed my preliminary plan of the lecture in Skolkovo today and instead of the theory of strategy (as it was planned before) told to my audience about the Californian Master Plan for Higher Education of 1960. Which I described as the most successful and influential strategic document in the …



Now I’m trying to use my recent achievements in Spanish to undertake another attempt to read Che Guevara’s «Motorcycle diaries» in it’s original language. Since my first trip to Cuba I have constantly been thinking that the Spanish-language-based style of political thinking is — and has always been — extremely …


Where to practice

Another polyglot’s book, Benny Lewis, Fluent In 3 Months. What he said in prologue is: “A language is a means of communication and should be lived rather than taught”. It corresponds to “5 hypotheses of language learning” by Stephen Krashen, especially this one: “Acquisition requires meaningful interaction in the target …


A Fish In Your Ears

During my Spanish studies I’m reading (and listening as audiobook) the Harry Potter books in Spanish. While comparing with Russian and original English versions, I’m revealing many small but significant differences in each of three. They are resulting from the differences of languages itself, from the different linguistic pictures of …


«Буратина» Крылова, или о детях и взрослых

Получив бумажный том «Буратины» Харитонова-Крылова с автографом автора, обновил в голове с бумаги (до того читал с экрана). Заодно и продолжение, которое ещё в бумаге не издано.  Книга, на мой взгляд, о том, как сильно немолодой современный человек (не имею в виду лично автора, скорее «образ предполагаемого читателя») категорически отказывается …


Касторное и война

Когда я в детстве — а каждое лето ездил в деревню к бабушке, а с 89 по 91 жил там практически круглый год — ходил за речку на пруд наловить карасиков на живца, чтобы потом ставить уже на Олыме удочки на щуку, меня всегда удивлял ландшафт. Там не было вообще …