From My Heart ((c)MinisterMutko)

It’s a difficult task – to express yourself in a language which is hated by you. But sometimes emerges a situation when you cannot use your mother’s language’s words for your purposes. Especially in public speech. I guess now it is so. What was the problem with Russian? — could you ask me. That’s my answer: now you cannot use proper terms and precise expressions, and cannot allow others to understand you correctly, when you are speaking about current Russian policy.

Just a simple example. When you use the abbreviation ‘PR’ in English, you mean such clean and evident thing as communications with society. But when you are trying to use the same term in Russian, you are to be betrayed by your language, because in Russian ‘PR’ means a purposeful lie usually needed and used for covering or acquitting something or somebody who is knowingly bad.

So, my long-term purpose is to make myself familiar with writing texts in English – without gross mistakes and in good style. I’ll try step by step, making a little notes day by day. Maybe somewhere I’ll be wrong in the grammar, I’m apologizing. Correct me please if you find where I’m wrong.


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